What is Lot Coverage?

    Lot Coverage is the percentage of total lot area available for buildings, or other structures.  Lot coverage includes the footprint of a home, any accessory structures, such as detached sheds or garages, covered porches, and decks over 30" tall. Click here for a graphic illustrating lot coverage.

    Why is this an issue in the RE zone districts?

    In many cases, minor improvements to properties in the RE zone district are not possible due to the lot coverage standard. For example, many property owners may not add or enlarge decks, add storage sheds or make small additions to the home. This has caused frustration for many property owners with homes located in RE zoned neighborhoods. 

    Over the years, most lots in RE zoned neighborhoods were created substantially smaller than the minimum of 12,000 square feet and homes were initially constructed exceeding the 20% maximum lot coverage allowance.  City staff is not sure how or why this occurred. 

    How will a change in the lot coverage regulations affect my neighborhood?

    Any changes that are adopted are not intended to have a significant impact on the established character of the neighborhood.  Each neighborhood will be evaluated separately for how changes could impact neighborhood character.  If your neighborhood is comprised of lots that are mainly 12,000 square feet or larger, it is possible that any changes will not affect your neighborhood.  However, if your neighborhood is comprised primarily of lots smaller than 12,000 square feet, or contains many homes that already exceed the 20% lot coverage maximum, adjustments to the lot coverage standard may be considered.

    Is my property zoned RE?

    Please see this pdf map, or this interactive map to see if your property is zoned RE.  If you are unsure, please contact Lisa Ritchie at 303-335-4596 or planning@louisvilleco.gov

    What is my Lot Coverage?

    Your lot coverage is determined by dividing the total footprint of all the structures on your property by your total lot size.  If you would like assistance in estimating your lot coverage you can contact the Planning Department at planning@louisvilleco.gov or 303-335-4596. 

    When will changes go into effect?

    Changes could only go into effect following this outreach effort and public hearings before Planning Commission and City Council, in which the public can share their comments.  These hearings are not yet scheduled.  Keep following this website, or contact Lisa Ritchie at 303-335-4596 for updates.

    How can I learn more about this issue?

    There are a number of ways you may learn more:

    • Open House - scheduled on August 29, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at City Hall, 749 Main Street.  
    • Read the memos to Planning Commission and City Council and other information in the Documents Library on the main project page of this site.
    • Contact Lisa Ritchie - 303-335-4596 or lritchie@louisvilleco.gov